Food for thought ... Thoughts about food

Soon after our first breath, we start eating, receiving nourishment from the people and the world around us. Along the way we form thousands of associations around food. Through memoir writing, visual expression, and eating, join us to explore...

The Feast of Your Life

We will "stir up" our food memories to explore experiences in our lives that have made us who we are. You may be surprised how many of life's meaningful moments happen around the table. Our work facilitates the integration of inner listening and sensations through language and painting, drawing, and collage.

All levels of experience are welcome, and all supplies are provided. We will share a meal provided by a talented chef along with our rich experiences, similarities, and differences, as we join around the table and create and feast together.

What's the secret ingredient in your life?

Express Your Taste at an upcoming workshop!

Memoir Writing

Miriam Sauls

Visual Arts

Vernessa Foelix

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