For inspiration for our workshop, we’ll look at food and the role it has played in both our lives and in our culture.

We will spend some time "sifting the ingredients" of our lives to access our own food memories using writing exercises, examining both the "sweet and savory" ways food has been a part of our lives. As early food memoirist M.F.K. Fisher once noted, when she was writing about food, what she was really writing about were larger things - "about love and our need for it."

We will talk about vivid writing and form and color and we will use words and drawing and painting and collage to respond to the memories and sensations of our experiences.

We will share meals and enjoy the fellowship of breaking bread together.

All of our work will be done in a safe and supportive environment where process, exploration, and creative play will be our focus.

You will leave satiated with fine food, with some new writing and art skills, with a book of your own showing your work from the workshop (but with room to continue expanding your new techniques and ideas), with an extensive bibliography of resources about food, and with new friends - because there is no better way to make friends than creating and feasting together around the table.